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Vintage Antique Victorian 1873 mourning locket IHS Christogram monogram jet

Posted on December 8, 2019 in vintage


An absolutely stunning Victorian jet mourning double locket featuring the Christogram IHS -‘Jesus our Saviour’. Condition: Unfortunately this has not been loved as it should have and there are some significant chips, mostly to edges on the inside. Chips/fleabites are present on the outside of the locket on the monogram side too. Please see photos […]

Antique Victorian Mourning Sterling Silver AIE Amity Infinity Eternity Locket

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Curated Jewels for the Vintage Collector. This sterling silver locket from the Victorian era was actually a token of close friendship, possibly given to the original wearer by a close friend. The tangled symbol on the front of the locket is actually an AIE , which stands for Amity, Infinity, and Eternityfriendship for forever and […]